Legal Consultant

Jon helps clients find a better strategy and solution to their legal problems. He is involved in various aspects of the law such as teaching and training, writing legal opinions, giving legal advice, contract negotiation and mediation.

Jon offers a comprehensive and holistic approach, specialising in English contract and business law. This includes bespoke contract drafting, comprehensive legal opinions, case assessment, advice on business relocation focusing on legal strategy and policy, as well as advice on effective ways to recover a debt or pursue a claim in the U.K.

He draws upon his vast experience in business and management in the UK which gives him a flexible and alternative view of his client’s legal issues. 

Recent clients have included start-ups, established SMEs, law firms and individuals working within corporations.

Jon has a Master's degree in Law (LLM), a Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Negotiation and further qualifications in Contract Management and Contract Relationships, Mediation and Negotiation.